The Crayon…Who Knew?

by Amy on September 28, 2010

Crayon Pict

Crayons have more use than you think!
I was recently creating my niece’s Bat Mitzvah invitations (hint…hint…you’ll be seeing many more DIY creations from the event!) and I needed to hand apply 1,980 Swarovski crystals. Seriously, just call me Crazy Aunt Amy! I found that if I broke off half of the tip of the crayon, it was easier to pick up the crystals one by one! I used a white crayon and noticed some of the wax had smeared on the fuschia Swarovski crystals. After I allowed the Delta Sobo glue to dry, I was able to rub the wax off of the crystals. Problem solved! (The picture to the left is the actual crayon that I used for the project)

TIP: I would highly recommend using the same color crayon as crystal! It will save you time and aggravation…

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