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Lollypop on watercolor

by Amy on February 9, 2011

During the midwest blizzard last week, thought I would clean out a drawer or two (that was for my mother actually!). I happen to come across a very old watercolor kit and decided to try to see if I improved from the last time I tried.

I watercolored an old fashioned lollypop in vibrant colors. This was my first attempt.

So, if you would like to use this lollypop, click on pict below and feel free to use it on your next project.

Project ideas:
– Great for a last minute Valentine’s card
– Use it as a graphic for a candy-themed birthday card
– Use it on a placecard for a birthday party
– Graphic for a thank you note
– Add a pretty bow to make it extra sweet!

If you end up using it, please take a quick picture and email me the results!

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